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The Journey Continues...

Jacob Woods


Jacob Woods was born in 1997 in Lawton, Oklahoma, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts (with special focus in Digital Audio) from Stetson University in May of 2021. He was a multi-award recipient at Stetson including the 2020 SURE grant, Ann West Hall Award, Runner-Up of Stetson Showcase, and Outstanding Senior of Digital Arts based on faculty nomination. His body of work currently includes sound re-designs, re-compositions, and voice overs of existing video games and animations. His areas of expertise include the use of a mixture of traditional audio and field recording techniques and audio synthesis in the creation of ambience, sound effects, foley, and music. Jacob is dedicated to creating sound that bring stories to life through movement and color. Jacob has already been included in Stetson University’s Vimeo profile which includes his projects titled “Mustache Project” and "A (Reel) Demo of Me" and their SoundCloud profile which includes his project titled “Mustache Project: The Soundtrack”. In 2021, he has begun the process of developing his online business as a freelance audio specialist and sound pack creator. Jacob currently lives and works in Melbourne, Florida.


Audio has always played a major part of my life, whether it was from a video game, television show, or my favorite song. From singer to rapper to music producer to sound designer, I've always wanted to have a firm grip on and make an everlasting effect within the entertainment industry; even if I had a hard time solidifying which role I wanted to play. I began producing my own music in December of 2015 after receiving my first laptop. Even though I initially went on to becoming a Computer Engineer at the University of Central Florida after high school in 2016, I quickly changed course and went to Stetson University for a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts with my focus on digital audio and computer science.


Electronic Dance Music further matured my interests in sound design and in creating unique music compositions while classic cartoons and anime has piqued my interest in the art of voice acting. Recent projects like my sound re-design of Hyper Light Drifter and my complete audio remake of Scott Farrell’s Bristled (titled “Mustache Project”) adequately display the time and techniques I have invested in and developed over the years in each respective audio field that I pursue. I use audio to tell a story in conjunction with what is happening on screen.


I have been awarded the SURE Grant Award from Stetson University in the Summer of 2020 for my self-proposed project of replacing the soundscape within the game "Celeste" using FMOD Studio with my own sound design and field and foley recordings. As a passionate and motivated specialist, I am constantly striving to improve my techniques, expand my skillset, and find new opportunities to grow.

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