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About This Guy

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Have you ever experienced something that consistently filled you with amazement and led you to want more?

That's what sound design and audio do for me. From singer and rapper to music producer and sound designer, I've always wanted to have a firm grip on and make an everlasting effect within the audio industry; even if I had a hard time solidifying which role I wanted to play. Attending and graduating from Stetson University from 2018-2021 opened my mind to a plethora of new opportunities in audio. Now I design sounds that are fitting for all types of projects; either directly or indirectly through my marketed sound packs. Currently based in Melbourne, Florida, I seek to bring important stories and projects to life by making waves of colorful sound.

Reaching this point has been a crazy, self-reflecting journey, and I am super excited to have you be a part of it.

Get in touch if you want to work together or get to know me! I enjoy making new friends :D

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